Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ready for Artfest!

I'm leaving for Artfest in the morning and I couldn't be more excited! I've finished all the trades I'm going to make this year. Over 80 charms, several mini-journals, moo cards and a few photo prints of some of my favorite art will be up for swapping! I can't wait to see what others have to offer!

Pulling supplies together has been quite a job....I've only made it worse by procrastinating. I made my final supply stop to make copies at Kinko's today, which hopefully means I'm done!

I'll post photos of Artfest and my creations when I get home!


delgadojx said...

Wow, Heather, I hope I run into you...those are great! Safe travels!

jacqui said...

Oh those are sooooooo lovely! I love your Moo cards and your journals and charms. I was so hoping I'd get Moo cards in time but I just didn't think they'd be able to get them to me in time, even with the most expedited cost. I made my own double sided business cards here at home on my computer, then added a strand of tiny pearls, moonstones, leaf or owl buttons, a vintage millinery leaf and some other things. A sweet lady from the list is bringing them to give away. I so wish I could be there.

Big Loving Hugs,

kecia said...

so nice meeting you! your moo cards are COOL!

Pamela said...

I just ADORE your moo cards! I am so bummed that I didn't get to meet you and swap cards. I'll be looking for you next year.